America’s Breaking Point

July 6, 2017 in Strategy

How social issues have become social causes in today’s climate

2016’s divisive election created a split mentality across the country, each side claiming vehemently that America’s values are in jeopardy because of the other. Most of that thinking is driven by a fear of losing our culture and our accomplishments.

And the division extends to how America behaves in regard to media as well. In an age where what’s true can’t necessarily be trusted, people cherry pick facts and reach whatever conclusions are most convenient for what they already believe.

In 2017, our veterans and families lamented that Memorial Day was no longer about celebrating military service but instead a retail sales event. The decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and invoke the travel ban spurred many Americans into action. Corporate missions became corporate activism. And yet, one of America’s oldest and most celebrated traditions is still threatened by Black Friday.

Today, our social issues have become social causes. We are living in a world where retail and politics are intermixed, and there’s little we can do to change that. Instead of shying away from taking a stand, 66% of today’s customers actually want their favorite brands to take a stand on big issues.

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